Clockworth " 鸣笛棒F4(50%速度)。

许可:CC-BY 保留署名许可协议
描述:Plastic pen striking single rod from this set of grandfather clock chimes: Rod is F4 in scientific pitch notation, roughly corresponding to 349.23Hz or MIDI note 65. Struck with 50 velocity relative to sound pack. Recorded with internal mic of 21.5inch, Late 2009 iMac (sorry to all audio pros
标签: 祖父时钟 报时 音乐 发条 祖父 音乐音符 时钟 风铃 磬杆
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Clockworth " D#4报时杆 (50%速度)
Clockworth " G#4报时杆 (100%速度)
Clockworth " 钢琴棒A#4 (100%速度)
Clockworth " 报时杆 C5 (50%速度)
Clockworth " 钟声棒 D#4 (100% 速度)
Clockworth " 钟声罢工,变奏曲#3
Clockworth " 钟声罢工,变体#2
Clockworth " 钟声罢工,变奏曲#1
Clockworth " 钟声罢工,变奏曲#5
Clockworth " 钟声罢工,变体 #4
Clockworth " 报时杆A#4 (50%速度)
Clockworth " 钟声罢工,变体#6
Clockworth " 钟声棒D5 (100%速度)
Clockworth " 钟琴棒D5 (50%的速度)
Clockworth " 钟声棒D#5 (50%速度)